[Pennangalan News] November: Steampunk boots, Vegan New Rocks, Christmas Posting Dates

Dok (Pennangalan Customer Service) doktor at pennangalan.co.uk
Tue Nov 17 17:05:22 GMT 2009

Welcome to our November 2009 newsletter. We have lots to announce this  
month, including a range of Steampunk boots, a huge addition to the  
number of New Rock styles we sell, and 58 VEGAN New Rock styles to  
choose from also. Please read on for more details.

1/ SteamGalan Boots!
We are delighted to announce that our new steampunk range of footwear  
is now available to order. These are handmade in London using only the  
very best components and most luxurious fabrics we can lay our hands  
on - including our exclusive 'Steamforce Flying' textured leather. You  
can see the available range here:

We currently have a 2-4 week manufacture time on this range, so orders  
placed in the next 10 days or so should arrive in time for Christmas.

2/ New Rock Metallic and Malicia Ranges
The entire New Rock Metallic and Malicia ranges of boots are available  
to order from us now, both via our website:

and from our online ebay store if you prefer to shop that way:

We're sharing our stock with New Rock directly, so most styles/size  
combinations are in stock for immediate shipping. Worldwide delivery  
is 3-7 days, and as with our other offerings we can usually combine  
shipping on multiple pairs for a significant saving - get in touch for  
exact details if you're interested.

3/ New Rock Metallic VEGAN boots - 58 Styles Now Available
We're also very pleased to say that we can now offer the complete New  
Rock Metallic range (that's anything on the Tower, Reactor, Neptuno,  
Planing M3 and Planing M8 soles) to our vegetarian and vegan  
customers. These are not kept in stock and are not in standard  
production - you won't find these in the shops - but we can get them  
made for you. We haven't quite finished updating our website to show  
all these in one place, but any style shown on this link can be  
ordered in Vegan Lorica now:

Prices are £18 higher than for a standard leather pair at the moment,  
and the waiting time is approximately 8 weeks. A deposit is taken on  
orders for these at present.

4/ Christmas Posting Dates + Extended Return Allowance
Last posting dates this year are:

	UK: Tuesday 22nd December
	Ireland, France, Germany: Monday 21st December
	Rest of Europe: Thursday 17th December
	Rest of World: Wednesday 16th December (may require shipping upgrade)
Please remember that out-of-stock items typically need 2-4 weeks to be  

As usual, we are extending our returns period for you over Christmas  
in case you buy boots as a gift for someone that are the wrong size or  
unwanted. Normally we give all customers 30 days to decide whether or  
not to return an item to us for exchange/refund. All items despatched  
between 16th November and 22nd December have their return period  
extended until at least the 10th January (or 30 days, whichever is  
longer), to give you time to recover unwanted gifts from 'ungrateful'  
relatives ;), and get them back to us for exchange or refund.

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