[Pennangalan News] March News - LIFT/RAMP Sole Temporary Reprieve!

Katrina (Pennangalan Customer Service) vortex at pennangalan.co.uk
Thu Mar 31 16:35:27 BST 2011

Welcome to our March Newsletter!

This month: LIFT/RAMP Sole Re-introduction

We're focusing on only one item of news this month. If you like the Lift/Ramp stacked soles we used to sell, then you have an opportunity to help re-introduce them.

Most of you will be aware that due to a supply problem with these soles last year, we had to cancel further production of all styles using those soles. This included the Libby Plate boots, Transmuter-styles, Corset Lifts, Molly boots and the Jodi Lifts.

We have had a lot of communication from customers saying you really want the Lift boots back.

To be able to do this, we need to invest substantially in a new supply of soles, and that isn't economically viable for us unless we KNOW we're going to make a certain amount of sales quickly.

What we have done therefore is re-introduce all of the Lift and Ramp sole styles to our website, temporarily - and we now invite customers to order them. If we get enough orders, we'll be able to go ahead and manufacture Lift/Ramp boots again.

If we don't, any orders placed will be cancelled. We'll collect no payment for these orders until we know production will go ahead - obviously if we don't get enough interest to be go ahead and make the boots, no payment will be taken from anyone.

The styles will be available until the end of April. They'll remain available after that date only if we receive enough orders between now and then.

For more information and a list of styles, please see this link:


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